Dave Kreitzer & the EMBRACE

Dave Kreitzer & the EMBRACE

With a 10 song list ready to be recorded, James and I went to the studio with the idea of recording a solo acoustic album and having James join me on a few songs. We wanted to do one song with a full band, and began our search for talent in St. George. 

First and foremost, we found Steve Lemon. Aside from being the owner, a talented producer and lead audio engineer of Spiral Recording Studios in St. George, Utah where we recorded our album, he's one hell of a musician. Steve laid down our lead guitar and solos, as well as bass, drums and other instruments and harmonies on the album. Studio bass player from L.A. and current resident of St. George, Utah, Matt Fitzell, laid down the most incredible bass performance I've ever encountered. We met and became instant friends. Two days after our introduction, Matt laid down bass tracks for 8 of our songs. Scott Watts, an old friend, colleague and incredible drummer added his superb beats and rock/reggae flair to the mix.

The band formed in the studio, every song became a full band production and together we became Dave Kreitzer and the Embrace and hit the road performing. It was an honor to perform with such exceptional talent. 

The band names and talent go as follows:

Dave Kreitzer - Vocals, Guitar, Keys

James Kreitzer - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Fitzell - Bass

Scott Watts - Drums

Steve Lemmon - Lead Guitar, Keys

At the moment, I moved to Salt Lake City, and the Embrace remains in St. George. Don't worry. You might see us together again in the near future...

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