Dave Kreitzer: Bio

Although Dave Kreitzer had been involved with music since he was young, he made his debut as a professional musician in 2005. After his first band, Dave gradually worked his way into a solo career, performing at a variety of events from private parties to large rock venues.

Dave’s fan base began to grow and when his brother James, who shared his passion for music, returned from Milan, Italy, they joined forces to create Dave Kreitzer and The Embrace. The band’s album Don’t Waste It debuted on March, 28th 2008. Dave Kreitzer and the Embrace quickly began to book gigs across Utah. As they travelled, performing at various venues and events, they were always amazed by the love and support from their growing fan base.

At the end of 2008, like many other artists, Dave began to feel the effects of a strained economy. He decided to move to Salt Lake City in search of additional employment while he continued to write new songs and work on his solo music career. He has been able to continue to support his passion and develop his talents by performing as a hired musician for events such as weddings, fundraisers, benefit concerts and corporate parties.

Dave’s love for music has only grown stronger throughout the years. He is continuously finding new inspirations for his work and remains eager to share the world of music with those around him.

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